• History
  • Telling their story matters

    This has been the focus of my past two days. Transcribing pages of barely-legible handwriting that often requires writing, rereading, rewriting, research, context clues — just to read what it says. I have a headache and my eyes are tired. But it’s still a cool project. Because what this is is the court testimony of […]

  • Politics
  • The Poet-President of Brazil

    With the August 31st vote of the Brazilian Senate to convict President Dilma Rousseff on corruption charges, interim President Michel Temer assumed office for the remainder of Rousseff’s term, which was scheduled to end in January 2019. Temper assumed the responsibilities of the presidency back in May, when Rousseff was suspended pending trial, and immediately replaced the cabinet […]

  • Books
  • Book Recommendation: Burke

    Book recommendation: Edmund Burke and the Conservative Logic of Empire by Dr. Daniel I. O’Neill. (University of California Press. 2016.) Dr. O’Neill is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Florida. His monograph focuses on the ideology that guided Edmund Burke’s defense of empire from America to Ireland and India. His prose is wonderfully […]